Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend off, mommy-style.

Dude.  I still think it's weird that I'm a mom.  Essentially, I feel like I have the maturity of a seventeen year old.  I act like one too, just ask my precious hubby.  The only difference is that I have a job and when I'm talking to people about all-things-medical, I sound like a real, honest-to-goodness-grown-up (which I'm not...yet...).  Last week, I started in on my pancreatitis schpeal with a woman who's husband had been feeding her dachshund vienna sausages and bacon when she exclaimed, "Wait!  You're a doctor?  You can't be!  You're just a baby!"

I immediately regretted not putting make-up and my "Dr. Tompkins" scrub top on that morning. 

At any rate.  In between working and playing times, I'm trying to be a responsible adult and mother.  For instance, I made a list of resolutions several weeks ago (remember these?) and for the most part, I'm doing very well.  The only struggle I'm having is meal-planning.  I've successfully avoided going to the grocery store, mostly because I want to race home and be with my little bean, but considering that when I'm home, ARay's usually still working, and when ARay's home, I'm on call, very little cooking gets done.  It's not that I don't want to cook, because I really do enjoy it, but its hard to make a concrete plan happen day-to-day.  As such, I am impotently staring at my wal-mart list right now trying to figure out what I can buy that will keep so that I can cook whenever the stars align and both ARay and I are at home at the same time.  Any suggestions?

I was pondering this meal-planning conundrum last Saturday while I was working our morning office hours, when suddenly, I realized I might get a great, super-fresh meal for that night without having to go anywhere.

I got a check-in sheet that said "Chicken with wound on head."

This man was holding said chicken bundled up in a t-shirt, and as I was leading him back to an exam room, I said, "You know what I call a chicken with a wound on its head?"

"No," He replied.

"Dinner!" I responded with a laugh a gleeful look on my face.

No response.


And then..."Um, actually, I'm a vegetarian." Says the client.

Crap.  I felt like a stand-up comic who is failing dismally.  Crickets could be heard chirping for the silence in the room.  I very awkwardly scrambled back into my "doctor" mode and examined the chicken who had been basically scalped and was in shock.  I explained to the man that the prognosis for the chicken was bleak and that it probably needed to be on IV's, antibiotics, and it's head sewn back together.

"Ok.  How much will that cost?"  He responded.

I have never, ever, heard of someone willing to invest hundreds of dollars in a chicken that you could buy for $2.50 at the market.  But oh well.  I sewed up the chicken.  He opted to take it home and give it electrolytes orally.  I'm fairly certain it died.  A little part of me died knowing that I wouldn't be having roast chicken for dinner.

Ok, I wasn't really that devastated.  Actually, I'm pretty proud of the suturing job I did; I wish I had taken a picture.

photo credit
I did, however, remember to take pictures of the wee one this weekend!  The dearest hubby took us pumpkin picking and made my LIFE (I'm immeasurably fond of the pumpkin picking.  I used to name my pumpkins when I was a kid.  No lie.  Ok, maybe I still name them...).  I was so excited.  Homegirl was excited too.

And, we've started on some solid foods this week - Reagan didn't think much of the peaches, but for some reason, enjoyed gumming and sucking on this sour green apple.  She must be having memories of the millions of granny smiths I ate while I was preggers.

Have a great week, everyone!  Send me recipe suggestions!


  1. I personally love the chicken comment - I would have laughed with you!

    And I was about to call you out on only naming pumpkins as a kid...then you called your own self out. I remember many a name pumpkin gracing the bookshelves and desks in our cozy little dorm.

    Little Bean?! Oh my WORD is she ever cute!!!! Holy cow. Or chicken. Whatever. The point is, she's absolutely adorable.

    As for recipes - would it be possible to make a casserole, then freeze it? It'd be a quick thaw/cook when you and/or ARay wanna eat. I've got several yummy casseroles that'd be great for autumn. Let me know if you want 'em! :) Love and miss you!!!!

  2. Totally diggin' ReaGay's outfit;)!