Friday, May 4, 2012


Last weekend, my gorgeous friends and family threw two baby showers for little Reagan...and I think homegirl is going to be seriously impressed someday by the generosity and love of this community of far flung friends and close family that is welcoming her with open arms.  Not to mention, my nesting heart is filled to bursting when I open her closet doors (which I do on a more-than-once-daily basis) and see images like this:

Or, when I peek in her room on a bright spring-almost-summer morning and see all the pinks and greens that I love:

Both showers were filled with home-made touches, amazing food, and so much fun and should definitely check these out if you plan to throw a baby shower anytime soon.  Pin-worthy, for sure.


And if Kayla and Ali had a blog I would post theirs too - the shower in Sparta was was equally as beautiful and lovely.  I (we) couldn't have felt more special.

So many thanks to all! 

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