Sunday, October 30, 2011


Gratefully, fall is upon us.  With fall in full-swing, I find my husband otherwise occupied a lot of the time.  For the past several weeks he has been out of state on trip after trip, spent weekend after weekend at fairs, dairy judging competitions, and who knows what all.  I, on the other hand, have been home, cleaning the house in between emergency calls, entertaining friends and planning an occasional excursion to Galax here and there so I can search the racks a Wal-mart and Kato for decent clothes to wear.  My poor wardrobe has dwindled down to just jeans and scrub tops since I haven't been to an actual department store in an actual city for...well, a really long time.

Anyway, it's not so bad.  What I do find to wear is fantastically cheap, which makes accepting how hard it is to keep anything looking even half-way presentable after being washed a couple of times (or even worn a couple of times) a little bit easier.  Not to mention, just being in Wal-mart gives me a chance to peruse my options for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.  Having young nieces allows a gradual introduction into the ever-so frightening world  Toys, in every color, shape and genre...and all made out of varying amounts of plastic.  Friends, let me tell you, its a scary place.

First of all, let me introduce you to the girls toy aisle.  It's very easy to pick out.

I don't think I've ever seen so much pink in my entire life.

Keep in mind, I'm looking for appropriate toys for 2, 3 and 11 year old girls.  Here were some of the toy options that jumped out at me:

First of all, there is Disney everything.

Now they make infant versions of the Disney Princesses I loved growing up.  Check out the baby Ariel in a bikini top.

Second of all, when did toys start looking so possessed?

Hello soul-less eyes.
Third of all, where did all the slutty dolls come from?  Did we have these when we were little?  I mean Barbie isn't all that wonderful, but seriously?:

She's even named after a stripper.
Why, hello there goth doll with crazy tights and a miniskirt.  I blame the vampire movies for this one.

Then there's the boys aisle.  I didn't bother to take a full length picture of this one.  You can only fit so many weapons and evil-looking men in one cell-phone picture.  Basically all the toys that weren't geared toward infants or toddlers were geared toward killing something or someone.

I don't get it.  My children will be playing with dog toys and blocks.  I'll make sock dolls if we have girls and dress them in my old scrap clothing from Wal-mart that fell apart. 

Anyway, since I had the weekend off and Aaron Ray had planned to go to a cattle auction in Blacksburg, I thought it would be a good time to re-visit my old vet-school stomping grounds and eat some good food from restaurants I miss ever-so-much.

As it turned out, it was below 30 degrees, snowing and raining and exquisitely cold.  I spent most of my time bundled up and cringing every time I heard my husband bid on something.  I mean, I understand that you need to buy good cattle to have good cattle, but man, I was really glad when things started going over our price range.  I was especially grateful when he quit bidding on the hogs.

Cattle auctions are fun though.  We went to the dairy heifer auction too, and these fellas talk about those heifers like they're just the best, most gorgeous women in the world.  It's almost a little ridiculous.

At any rate, it's been a fun weekend, we're safe at home now, I'm catching up on laundry and regretting that tomorrow is another workday.   Hey, at least I get to dress up for Halloween!  Pictures to come.

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  1. Man, I hear ya on the toy issues. I've been dealing with this with Aubre and Cooper since they were born. Now do you know why I went to Bedford Falls and Park Road Books to look for toys? They're way less scary than most places.