Friday, October 14, 2011

Is it the weekend again already?

I can't believe tomorrow is Saturday.  It seems like just yesterday, my dearest friends from my formative years (aka middle school and high school) were here, having made the beautiful trek up these lovely mountains for a quick visit.  It was magical, wonderful, and gave me a fantastic excuse to actually clean my house and cook up a storm.  I loved it.  Loved. It.  

Many pictures were taken; much fun was had by all.

Photo Credit:  Allison
George and Bella are still wondering why we can't have these ladies around all the time.  I think they enjoyed all the giggling.

Aaron Ray is much disappointed that "the hairless wonder" didn't get adopted forthwith.  I haven't told him this yet, but the little munchkin's joi di vivre makes me laugh on almost a moment to moment basis.  I think she just might have to stay...unless she doesn't get over this peeing in the house business.  Not to mention the waking up to whine and cry at 4:30am weirdness.  I can't handle that crap.

Homegirl enjoys sitting in laps and watching TV
Unfortunately, this coming weekend won't be nearly as fun as the last one - I'm on call, and I've already received ridiculous call #1 for the evening.  First, let me tell you exactly what you would hear if you called our vet clinic right now:

"You have reached Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital.  Our office is now closed.  Our regular office hours are 8:30 am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and 8:30 until Noon on Saturdays.  If you have a veterinary emergency, you may contact Dr. Michelle Tompkins at (phone number)." 

No, I'm not giving you my phone number.

Anyway, I wonder which part of that message prompted someone to make this (clearly an emergency) phone call:

Client:  "Hi, is this Dr. Tompkins?"

Dr. T:  "Yes, can I help you?"

Client:  "Um, yes.  I have a couple of questions.  How much does it cost to get my dog's tail docked?"

Dr. T:  "I'm not quite sure, I'm not at the office right now so I can't look up any prices for you.  Call back tomorrow after we open and the receptionist can help you."

Client:  "Ok, well I have another question.  Can I my dog get its shots while its there for surgery?"

Dr. T:  "Yes.  We can do that."

Client:  "Ok.  How much does that cost?"

Dr. T:  "Well that depends on what shots it needs.  How old is your dog?"

Client:  "Oh, I have no idea."

Dr. T:  "Ook.  Well, for a shot that protects against distemper and parvo along with some other viruses, it's $28.  If your dog needs a rabies shot, it's an additional $10.  If you have any other questions, you can call back tomorrow."

Client:  "Oh wait, I have one more question.  Can you give me papers for my dog when I come in?"

Dr. T:  "You mean, like, registration papers?"

Client:  "Yeah."

Dr. T:  "No ma'am, we don't have anything to do with that.  I don't know how you can get your dog registered.  I assume it'll be with the AKC"

Client:  "Oh, what's the A...K..........what is it?  The AKP?"

Dr. T:  "No, the A-K-C, like the American Kennel Club."

Client:  "Oh, ok.  What's the phone number for that place so I can call them?"

Dr. T:  "Ma'am, I have no idea.  I don't have any idea what you need to do to register your dog.  You can look it up on the internet or call your breeder."

Client:  "Oh.  Well, alright.  Thank you."

Will someone please explain to me why I can't be a hateful person (that's southern for b****, fyi) and cut someone off when I figure out they're just calling to waste my time instead of having an actual emergency?  This is becoming a real problem of mine.

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  1. oh michelle. and gidget. you should pretend to be a recording when you answer so you can tell if the person actually has an emergency and then decide whether or not to call them back. or let ARay be an answering service for you. ;)