Thursday, September 8, 2011

Test your veterinary knowledge!

Ok friends!  This is it!  Your chance to "be" a vet!  Tell me what this is and what's wrong with it:

Ok, so that probably wasn't fair, but I'm sure it would have been valid on the exam for my radiology rotation during 4th year of vet school.  Was anybody right?

Meet "Turkey".  He's a pet of some goats who belong to a great client of ours.  Go figure.  I guess turkeys don't make good bedfellows for goats though, since, apparently, one of the billys stepped on this little (big) feller and broke his leg.  As it turns out, x-raying and performing surgery on a 35 pound turkey is somewhat similar to a 35 pound dog.

Turkey, Dr. T and Dr. Wilson, soon-to-be vet #4 at Twin Oaks!  Go Hokies!

 Next time anybody has any turkey problems, just let us know.  We're on it.

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  1. Quite proud of you for going to it for the turkey!