Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Michelle:  "Hey, sorry I couldn't answer the phone earlier, my hands were covered in chicken."

Allison:  "Alive or dead?"

Michelle:  "Chicken breasts.  The kind you eat."

Allison:  "Oh.  Well, I just wanted to make sure."

Michelle:  "I understand."

The pumpkins are ready.  Have you bought your Alleghany Co. pumpkin yet?

My husband is not home, which means I spent a significant amount of time making Thai food for dinner, and then I spent an even more significant amount of time cleaning my house, which makes me feel all fuzzy and complete inside.

Do you ever get that feeling?

Anyway, the only thing left nagging my subconscious is what to do with all the eggs in my refrigerator.  We went on the Annual Family Camping Trip this past weekend and we inherited all the eggs that weren't cooked for breakfast...approximately 4 dozen beautifully farm fresh eggs.  I've hard boiled eight.

Any suggestions about the rest?  Want some eggs?  Come on over.  Help yourself.

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  1. ha! i was wondering if that conversation would make the blog! thanks for helping us last night with toby's bite.. we think it was some sort of spider bite. we did what you told us to do and it was smaller this morning. yay!