Monday, September 5, 2011


It's so foggy, you can't even see the mountain today.
Come, on.  Really?  I've been run ragged by on-call the past two gorgeous, beautiful, spectacular days and didn't complain, knowing that I would have Labor Day off to enjoy.  I was so looking forward to today: being productive, spending time outdoors, playing with the dogs...but no.  Definitely not.  It's too rainy for such things.

Even the geraniums are droopy today.
The only thing today is good for is sleeping.  Naps on rainy days are the greatest.

I would post a picture of me napping...but guess what?  There isn't one because I can't fall asleep.  It's ridiculous! 

So then, I drug (dragged?) my half-awake self off the couch, drank a pot of coffee and decided to go to Lowe's Hardware and do some home improvement shopping and get some little projects done around the house...but guess what (again)?  Home improvement costs money...and I'm being a super-careful budget-er lately...and I have not budgeted cute home accessories into my expenses this week.  Which begs the question, what the heck am I supposed to do with myself now?  I should have just let Jess take the day off and taken call today too.  It seems that vetting is the only productive thing I can manage to make myself do.


Hope you're having a more fulfilling labor day.  I'll be better tomorrow, I promise.

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