Thursday, August 18, 2011

Typical Phone Conversation

Aaron Ray:  "Hey, whatcha doin'?"

Michelle: "Oh, not much.  Just walked in the door."

Aaron Ray: "Busy day today?"

Michelle (joking):  "Didn't do a single thing.  Sat around for eight hours straight."

Aaron Ray:  "Oh.  Well, any calls yet?"

Michelle:  "A couple.  Guess what?  Remember that old donkey I saw on Sunday that had been choked for three days?"

Aaron Ray:  "Yeah."

Michelle:  "Choked again.  And the woman's husband won't be home with the truck tonight so she can't bring it to the office and she doesn't want to pay me to come there."

Aaron Ray:  "I guess they'd better figure out how to feed that thing before he takes a trip."

Michelle:  "You mean the trip where he goes to see Jesus?"

Aaron Ray: "Yup."

Michelle:  "Yeah, I know."

Aaron Ray:  "Well, have fun tonight.  I'll see you later."

Michelle:  "Ok.  Love you."

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