Monday, July 4, 2011

Here come the hillbillys!

"Hi, is this Dr. Thomas?"

"Well...yes.  Can I help you?"

"Um, yes ma'am.  I'm just here for the weekend and I'm taking care of my son's dog and I think he ate a squeaker out of one of his toys."

"When did you notice that the squeaker had gone missing?"

"Last Thursday."

"Has he been eating and drinking since then?  Any vomiting?"

"Oh yes!  He's eating all his dog food and some of the other dogs' food too.  And we've been grilling out so my husband fed him some hot dogs on Saturday and then yesterday and some this morning.  He's been throwing up lots of yellow stuff and some hot dog bits."

"When did he start throwing up?"

"This morning."

"Ok, so what we've got here is either the squeaker is stuck in his stomach, or his stomach is upset because he ate too many hotdogs?"

"Oh.  Yes, that sounds silly now that you say it.  He probably ate too many hot dogs...but could you look at him just in case?"

"Sure, meet me at the clinic in twenty minutes."

"OH THANK YOU!  My vet in Atlanta would NEVER have done that!"

Happy fourth of July, everyone!  Here are some classics from the parade in Sparta - the highlights are the hillbillys that ride through on their jalopies wearing who knows what, following right behind the souped up lawnmowers that race at the fairgrounds every year (only racing lawnmowers could have won my heart when Aaron Ray took me there on our first date). 

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