Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer nights...

It's positively gorgeous here in the mountains these days.  These summer nights remind me of growing up in New England; mid 70's, no mosquitoes, birds calling, frogs humming...oh man...it's that good.

This evening, George, Bella and I were reading through some magazines on the front porch while Aaron Ray was out moving some calves from one place to another (cattle farmers do that a lot.  It seems to require an enormous amount of effort, and I'm glad I was off the hook for this evening).  We were perusing through one of my favorites tonight when I came upon something interesting.

In my half-comprehending, extremely-relaxed state, I saw this ad for Avant wine and my immediate thought was this:

Yes, I realize that the names are not the same, but they are very close, you've gotta give me that.  All at once it dawned on me.

The baby-brain-takeover has begun.

It's insane, exciting, sobering and more insane again...all at once.  Like, "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!," except, "diapers and bottles and baby talk, oh my!" insane.

Oh my.

Thank God it takes nine months to grow this little munchkin.  I think it's going to take me that long to get used to the idea.  For so long, my career was my baby, but I guess the good Lord (and Aaron Ray Tompkins) had other plans, and I'm glad.

At any rate, I continued to happily read my magazine, and wait on my dear husband to come home, when I heard a truck coming down the driveway.  I was all primed and ready to meet him at the stairs, when I saw, horror of all horrors, Aaron Ray's dad's truck pull up.  Now, I just so happened to have just come out of the shower, was wearing my most comfortable old t-shirt and my most comfortable pair of Hanes underwear.

Yes, friends, I sit out on my front porch, hardly clothed at all, a lot of the time...and almost every time I'm surprised by some member of Aaron Ray's extended family.

That got me to thinking too.  We learn about the "fight or flight" response in science class at school and always think of some small animal being chased by a ferocious predator.  Friends, the fight or flight response is alive and well in every day living.  After tonight, I can testify to it.  My wonderful digestive system knew just what to do - all that blood for digesting my lovely supper was diverted out to my jump up and run muscles...and jump up and run I did, only to find that it was Aaron Ray driving his daddy's truck.  Now, my intestines are extremely unhappy with their lack of energy supply and, with the baby complicating matters, I think I've reached my quota for unpleasant stomach issues for the day.

And with that, you've reached your quota for unpleasant mental images for the day.  I hope you've enjoyed your review of physiology this evening, have a good night!


  1. Yeah, thanks for the mental image. So loving the diapers and bottles and baby talk...and that you're knee+ deep in something other than just manure now. :)

  2. i must say, the roy ladies know how to keep their porches looking good :)