Monday, June 6, 2011

Last week...

Yesterday morning, I woke up to mass destruction at my house.

If the war department knew about the two covert weapons I have here in my possession over which I have absolutely no control, they'd put me in the clink for sure.  I mean, it should be illegal to have animals that destroy for no reason whatsoever.  I love Bella and George, but when I spend all Memorial Day planting and mulching and pulling weeds only to find dug up mulch, pulled-up plants and destroyed planters, my eyes turn red and steam comes out of my ears a la Saturday morning cartoons.

Just follow the trail of miracle-gro potting mix and you'll find half of the other window basket, a dilapidated basil plant along with various and sundry now-dead annuals I thought would look pretty with the herbs.

No more 'maters from these scraggly looking things.

This little feller had some really pretty marigolds gracing its lovely Holstein form.  Where the marigolds are now, I have no clue, and, her springy adorable little face is now sadly distorted and reminds me of that mean kid's toys in Toy Story.  I can't look at her anymore.  It hurts me.

So, I re-mulched, re-purchased, re-potted and generally gave myself good reason to hydrate like it was my job.   Then...I put out the portable Invisible Fence thingamajigy, and now...peace reigns.  Here's hoping I won't wake up to more mornings where my optimism and faith in the greater good are disappointed.

This past week at work, (thankfully) there weren't many disastrous highlights that I can remember.  I felt only slightly maternal while I stayed up until 2 am (and read The Secret Garden - how had I never read that sweet book?!?!) with this little mother as I hopped her up on oxytocin and helped each little beagle munchkin be born (mainly so I could avoid having to do a c-section...yes ladies, if I were your ob/gyn, you would curse me behind my back while I made you labor for hours and hours).  It was very fulfilling to watch them all nurse with glee the next morning:

6 boys and 1 girl.  Imagine that.
Here's hoping I won't be up that late tonight and that I have a peaceful evening after a very busy summer day in the office.  Tomorrow may start out pretty interestingly, sophisticated people who work in an office that has nothing to do with animals probably have day planners and iPads or PDAs or whatever the fancy new thing is to remember your morning appointments...I have notecards stuck to my steering wheel:

Yes, I was driving.  Yes, I realize it was not safe to take that picture.  Oh well, what's done is done.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

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