Saturday, May 14, 2011

Springtime in the country

Lately, we've been leaving our windows open to allow the spring breezes in, which I absolutely love.

But, that also means, since our lovely dog, Bella, decided to tear out all the window screens within paw's-reach, we sometimes get...bugs.   After all, we do live in a veritable wilderness out here (Ginna, I promise there will be no bugs when you come to visit in the fall).

Michelle in bed next to ARay:  Um, what's that crawling on the ceiling?

ARay, half-asleep:  What?  I don't see anything.

Michelle in bed next to ARay:  You can't see anything because your stupid eyes are closed.  LOOK!

ARay, half-asleep:  ...(grumble)...I don't know, it's just a spider.

Michelle in bed next to ARay:  GET UP GET UP GET UP!  KILLLL IT!

ARay, half-asleep:  No.  It's fine.  It'll be gone in a minute.

Michelle in bed next to ARay:  ...(tussle, punch, poke, pinch)...GETUPPPPPPP!  You can reach it still!  Quick!  Before it's too late and you have to go get a chair to reach it!

ARay, half-asleep:  ...(clumsily stands up in the bed)...why do you even care?  You aren't scared of spiders.

Michelle in bed next to ARay:  ...(sigh of satisfaction)...I know.  But did you know that the average American swallows something like five spiders in their sleep over the course of their lifetime?  I don't think I could have fallen asleep knowing that spider might have been one of my five.

ARay, half-asleep:  Um.  Ok.

Michelle in bed next to ARay:  Thanks!  Love you!  Goodniiiiight!

Aaron Ray in a bowtie!  Can you believe it??  He just looked so snazzy at Carrie and Andrew's wedding.

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