Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday in the Country

I have never been a Baptist before.

My mother raised us kids in a non-denominational church.  I joined a Presbyterian church in college.

I married a Southern Baptist.  My husband (and deacon) baptized me in the New River last summer and I joined my (new) beloved church family shortly thereafter. 

Since then, I have joined the ranks of Southern Baptist women in this part of the country I now call home and have been educated in the historical significance of being a Southern Baptist Woman and Deacon's Wife.  And lemme tell ya, ladies, it is quite the undertaking.  I had no idea how important I was going to be in the grand scheme of things...the lovely ladies I made friends with when Aaron Ray and I were dating/engaged showed me by example what kinds of things I could do to contribute to the day to day/month to month workings of the church...but, goodness gracious...there are a million things to do!

My first try at contributing to a church event came up not too long ago....I agreed to be part of "Family Night Dinner" which happens once a month and all I needed to do was bring a main dish, side dish, dessert, and help set up/break down the fellowship hall.  No big deal, right?  Well...when I agreed to help, I didn't realize that I'd also be on call that day...

Which means that my Southern Baptist Woman and Deacon's Wife score for that day was about a 70 out of 100.  Not an altogether fail, but not that great either - between calls I made some "semi-homemade" strawberry shortcakes for dessert, corn from the freezer section (that I shamelessly microwaved 15 minutes before I brought it to the church) and had Aaron Ray pick up fried chicken from KFC.  I helped set up for about 20 minutes before I got called out, missed the dinner altogether, and Aaron Ray had to do my share of the dishes afterward while I did a c-section on a Beagle.

The worst part of it all is, I actually like to cook, I'm good at it, and I would have gladly done every dish in the place to show everyone how grateful I am to be part of this community.

The best part of it all is, I have a husband who will pick up the KFC and do the dishes afterward...and I think the contribution I make that people are most excited about are the stories I's pretty awesome that I can entertain people just by telling them about what I did this weekend:

1.  Survived torrential rains and a mudslide on Saturday morning

2.  Learned how to play Yahtzee with a couple other Deacons and their Wives

3.  Met a client at a local fire station so I could treat their goat who was having a vaccine reaction

4.  Impressed my husband with some not-so-country-home-cooking

5.  Followed up dinner with a date down at the barn with Aaron Ray and some heifers who will hopefully have calves in 9 months thanks to my endearing, proficient in Artificial Insemination, husband.

6. Enjoyed springtime in the mountains

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