Friday, April 1, 2011

Let me show you something...

Typically, I don't feel the need to write twice in a 24 hour period, but this morning (on my day OFF!) I've been lazy, lounging around in bed and watching the Walton's (when I should be out running the million errands I need to have done by Aaron Ray's birthday party tomorrow) and pondering what Olivia Walton would do if she was faced with what my husband brought home yesterday.  Here, let me show you:

Don't see it yet?  Well, first of all, I apologize for the state of my fridge.  Today is housecleaning day and "throw the leftovers away" day.  So, it'll look different by this afternoon.  But this is what I'm talking about...

That, my friends is a whole lot of pure, unadulterated cream from the serious jersey cows of Rural Retreat, VA.  When Aaron Ray came home last night toting that mess on his shoulders, I innocently asked him "is that cream?" and watched him mosey his way into the kitchen where I heard random things being dropped on the floor and re-arranged in my refrigerator so the onslaught of dairy could fit on the top shelf.  When I heard his response, I thought I was imagining things, "Yep!  MiMi, I'm going to teach you how to churn butter!"


Butter comes from the grocery store.  It's already packaged in little sticks so I know how much to cut off and put in the mixing bowl when I make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

I'm not so sure about this.  Olivia Walton would have been thrilled.  I am slightly less than thrilled and more than a little apprehensive. 

I was chatting with George about such things this morning (this may be an indication that I need to start having children.  Do normal people talk to their dogs?  I feel I should know the answer to this, since I'm a vet and all.) while I dished up his and Bella's breakfast.  I learned something interesting while doing so - he chowed down on his puppy food while I was with him, but the second I turned my back, he abandoned all those good vitamins and nutrients and ate all of Bella's grown-up dog food.  Apparently puppy food is not tasty.  Bella was disappointed when she came in from playing outside and found her bowl empty.

Oh well.  Maybe I'll just teach the dogs how to churn the butter.  Then I'll be set.


  1. Oh, Michelle! Thanks for the morning chuckle. If you get around to "churning" that butter before next weekend, bring some down for Ginna's wedding. We will spread it on some good bagels. Love you.