Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's like they were made for each other...

You know your wife is a vet when:

1.  You find a bottle of penicillin where the butter should be in the fridge.

2.  She never gets upset when you come home dirty, tracking mud (and who knows what else) through the house to the laundry room because she's just done the same thing.

3.  When she greets you at home after a long day at work, you tell her "Honey, you smell like cow" and she agrees with you.

4.  You cut your finger and show it to your wife and while examining it, she exclaims: "Hold still!  You're worse than a freaking chihuahua."

5.  You walk into the kitchen to find this instead of dinner because she forgot what she was doing when she saw the dog and stopped to have a snuggle with him:

You know your husband is a farmer when:

1.  He tells you to just bill him for the penicillin he took from the fridge.

2.  You aren't surprised when you come home and find gallons of milk, pounds of butter and a load of steaks and sausage in the fridge.

3.  When he puts his arm around you, you tell him, "Tompkins, you smell like a pig" and he doesn't get mad.

4.  He lets you "practice" delivering calves and pregnancy checking his cattle. 

5.  When you are out on "date night," you have to go catch the cows that got out of the fence and eat something from the drive-thru for dinner instead of what you had planned because you probably wouldn't be allowed in anywhere with your shoes covered in manure. 


  1. I am so humored by you. You are the next James Herriot! See you soon.

  2. Alright...It's time for you to start considering writing a book. Seriously friend, I would read it. And market it. And sell it in my bakery. It would be hilarious and genuine and witty and unique and lovely all in one. Really. Think about it. Love you!