Sunday, April 10, 2011

City girl takes country boy to the city...

This past weekend, one of my dearest friends got married.  I've known her since she was eleven and I feel like it has been forever and no time at all since we were in high school, discovering books like Pride and Prejudice together, and wondering about our own Mr. Darcy's.  So, it only seemed fitting that I should drag my country husband to the city to witness such a lovely event - we're so happy for Ginna and Jeff!

Carrie took this picture...regretfully, I forgot my camera...but look at how beautiful the Neels are!
As I was standing and watching Ginna and Jeff pledge their vows to one another, I was thinking of all the wonderful things I was able to do these past few days (thanks, Jess, for taking call for me this weekend!) that I wouldn't have necessarily been able to do at home...

First, I was able to make it to Friendly Center in Greensboro at exactly 8:15 pm on a Thursday night and go shopping.  I actually ran into three different stores and got exactly what I was looking for, all before each one of them closed at nine (even the coffee shop closes at 5 pm in Sparta).  And, miracle of miracles, Qdoba doesn't close until ten during the week and I was even able to get my most favorite burrito that I haven't had in over a year, for supper.  I literally sang out praises to the Lord as I was driving out of the parking lot with a fresh chicken burrito with no beans safely resting in the passenger's seat.  Heaven.

Second, I got to stay up late and talk with my mom on Thursday night.  I absolutely love living close to family.  It was something I didn't have growing up, and now I'm on a covert mission to get all of my family up here in the mountains so we can hang out all the time.  It's gonna happen, I just know it.

Aren't we the cutest?
Third, I got my first manicure and pedicure since our wedding last year with all the girls (there's no nail salon in Sparta...I sense a business opportunity here...).  Now, this was a little awkward...not only do my country feet spend virtually all of their time in boots, but my country hands had just been busy amputating a prolapsed calf rectum (read: trainwreck) the day before...which made for some interesting conversation with a sweet Asian woman who spoke very little English.  Poor thing, she worked on my feet until they looked like they belonged in the cute sandals I had just bought, and she believed me when I said I worked in the dirt a lot - and by dirt, I meant manure.  Eventually though, when she asked me about the bruises I had under my fingernails, I explained that a dog had bitten my thumb and a horse had smashed my middle finger...that I was a veterinarian.  Veterinarian does not translate well, apparently, but I think she understood when I said "doctor for animals" since she went on to gush to me about the bunnies she had and how her daughter really wanted a dog.  I can only assume her bunnies were meant to be pets, but we bonded a little when I told her my husband had brought me some bunnies too...

Fourth, and finally, my new life collided with my old one as I paraded my delightful husband around, re-introducing him to beloved friends.  It was lovely, so much fun, and I wished it hadn't ended so soon.  I can't wait for Carrie and Andrew's wedding in May so we can do it all over again!

Allison, Carrie and I.  Photo credit: Allison
For now, though, I'm back in the beautiful country, I spent most of my morning hugging all the old ladies at church, tonight we're going to eat supper with some more Tompkins', and tomorrow, a new week will begin.  It's weekends like these that revive me and remind me how full of life, life is.


  1. This just makes me happy!

  2. :) can't wait tose you guys!

    and meet ART :)

  3. um, that was supposed to say "to see"... ;)

  4. You were such a wonderful help! I think the biggest thank you was picking out the big pink down blanket to keep my mom covered during the wedding and reception. It was just a joy being with you! I love you Michelle!

  5. Yay!! I loved spending 2 whole days with you! Can't wait for May 7th!