Monday, February 14, 2011

The winds of change.

Or maybe just WINDNOAA has informed me of something called a "Red Flag Warning", which means we are at high risk for wildfires because of high winds that fell trees into power lines.  I could have told them wanna know why?  Because I can see the wildfire from my house:

You see that haze out in the distance?  That's about one mountain away from ours.      

Aaron Ray has already called all the volunteer fire fighters he knows in that county to see how the effort at containing the fire is going...and everyone says that with gusts at 50 mph, it's not going well.  So.  I'm going to sleep soundly tonight in the security that comes from trusting my husband, who dutifully explained to me that the fires didn't get over to this mountain last year, so it is unlikely that they'll make it up here this year.  Not to mention, I'm going to ask Jesus to intercede on our behalf.  Apparently, this is just something I'm going to have to get used to, seeing as I'm a mountain girl now.  

On a lighter note, Valentines Day arrived at the Tompkins house today.  Have I mentioned yet that I love fresh flowers?

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