Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, some of the paint isn't quite dry...but I am so done.  I didn't use my time wisely on Friday (surprise, surprise) so the bulk of the work was done yesterday and all that's left is to figure out what to put on these bare walls...and I think the doors could use some curtains...but such things can wait!

There are several things I learned from this little in my typical "list" fashion, I'll share them with you:

1.  Sisters-in-law are simply wonderful.  That light fixture used to be a different finish and in a different house...Kayla was lovely and donated it to the cause since there wasn't a fixture there when we moved in.  Light fixtures are EXPENSIVE...and I am greatly relieved to not have to purchase one.  Not to mention, there are WAY more kinds of spray paint available than I ever knew - I used an "oiled bronze" paint on this fixture that I'm really pleased with.  I would lie to you and say that I did the electrical work myself (the neighbor/cousin I asked to come over and put it up for me said I could tell people I did it myself) but I'll give Brandon the credit this time.

2.  The people who work at Lowes are lovely and can understand the silliest gibberish.  Yesterday night I asked a very nice looking fellow for "a tool that you use when you're putting up moulding.  You know, it's the thing that you use to make the nail go further into the hit it with a hammer?"  And from that, he understood that I was looking for a "set" looks like this:

3.  ALWAYS buy more wallpaper than you think you need.  The reason why this room wasn't done when I started it before thanksgiving, is because I had started hanging wallpaper and ran out...3/4 of the way across the wall.  I went to order more, and surprisingly, the same style was no longer available.  I put off the panic until this past Friday (read: more than 2 months later), when I called the company that makes it and discovered that it was PERMANENTLY discontinued.  Permanent?  Really?  So I put together several small pieces and voila!  Finished the wall...albeit not quite how I had planned.

4.  Measure twice, cut once.  Enough said.

5.  Power tools are your friend...every home should have a jigsaw.  I am having a love affair with mine.

5.  Cats and paint cans do not mix.

6.  Clean paint drips off the floor BEFORE they dry.  I knew this beforehand, but seem to have forgotten.  I'll be spending the next week on my hands and knees scraping yellow paint off the floors.

I think that's pretty much it.  I plan to have a modge-podge of leftovers for dinner in approximately 15 minutes because I don't have the energy to cook, and I think a seriously bubbly bath is in my immediate future.  Renovating is EXHAUSTING. :)