Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let's start at the very beginning...

So, I'm starting to realize that, sometimes, my life is a bit interesting...and over the past several weeks (since the new year started, actually), I've been sharing some of the more humorous stories with people other than my faithful, ever-listening-and-laughing-at-the-funny-parts, husband, and they asked me to start a blog.  AND, it just so happens that one of my new year's resolutions was to be better at keeping in touch with my beloved friends, and I suppose this *might* count as keeping in touch somewhat, if I'm lucky!  So, without launching into the details, here is the CliffsNotes "my life in pictures" version of what I've been up to lately that will have to serve as an introduction, since I just got an emergency call about a horse caught up in some barbed wire and I'll probably have to leave momentarily.

1.  It's wintertime here.  I am constantly thankful for 4 wheel drive and snow tires.

2.  When it snows, my husband and I keep ourselves busy by being industrious country-folk.  Last saturday, he taught me how to make jelly.  After noticing how much work it actually is, I think he's going to be the jelly-maker of the family from now on.

Look at our cute little labels!  Who knew that I'd be living someplace  with a name!
3.  On slow weekends I also love to cook - This is a straccoto I made when I had the whole family over. Mushrooms, garlic, onions and beef (our own!) in merlot cooked for three and a half hours...SO GOOD!

 4.  I also dearly love our little puppy...well, not so little anymore, but you get the idea.  I thought that when I did some hormone therapy on her a couple of weeks ago (aka. spaying her), she'd get a little more calm and less apt to "rearrange" our yard/porch...I was wrong.

You'll notice that there's no welcome mat.  That's because our innocent-looking Bella demolished it.  Also, that rug and table used to be in a nice little arrangement with the chairs 15 feet away from where she currently stands.  When I came home last night I found one of those chairs in our driveway.  I still have no idea how she accomplishes all this without oppose-able thumbs.

5.  When I'm not cooking with/for my husband, cleaning, or playing with my dog...I'm working.  And more often than not, I have to strip off all my work clothes when I walk in the door - yes, that shirt on the stairs is completely soaked in blood.  But don't worry, the cow the blood came from is doing fantastically well!

And with that, it's time to go sew up a horse!  Sometime soon you'll have to check back and read my ode to my work boots and my newest obsession:  the history channel and its American Pickers.


  1. YAY!! Thank you for starting a blog!!!!

  2. michelle! i just found your blog. :) love it!