Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, some of the paint isn't quite dry...but I am so done.  I didn't use my time wisely on Friday (surprise, surprise) so the bulk of the work was done yesterday and all that's left is to figure out what to put on these bare walls...and I think the doors could use some curtains...but such things can wait!

There are several things I learned from this little in my typical "list" fashion, I'll share them with you:

1.  Sisters-in-law are simply wonderful.  That light fixture used to be a different finish and in a different house...Kayla was lovely and donated it to the cause since there wasn't a fixture there when we moved in.  Light fixtures are EXPENSIVE...and I am greatly relieved to not have to purchase one.  Not to mention, there are WAY more kinds of spray paint available than I ever knew - I used an "oiled bronze" paint on this fixture that I'm really pleased with.  I would lie to you and say that I did the electrical work myself (the neighbor/cousin I asked to come over and put it up for me said I could tell people I did it myself) but I'll give Brandon the credit this time.

2.  The people who work at Lowes are lovely and can understand the silliest gibberish.  Yesterday night I asked a very nice looking fellow for "a tool that you use when you're putting up moulding.  You know, it's the thing that you use to make the nail go further into the hit it with a hammer?"  And from that, he understood that I was looking for a "set" looks like this:

3.  ALWAYS buy more wallpaper than you think you need.  The reason why this room wasn't done when I started it before thanksgiving, is because I had started hanging wallpaper and ran out...3/4 of the way across the wall.  I went to order more, and surprisingly, the same style was no longer available.  I put off the panic until this past Friday (read: more than 2 months later), when I called the company that makes it and discovered that it was PERMANENTLY discontinued.  Permanent?  Really?  So I put together several small pieces and voila!  Finished the wall...albeit not quite how I had planned.

4.  Measure twice, cut once.  Enough said.

5.  Power tools are your friend...every home should have a jigsaw.  I am having a love affair with mine.

5.  Cats and paint cans do not mix.

6.  Clean paint drips off the floor BEFORE they dry.  I knew this beforehand, but seem to have forgotten.  I'll be spending the next week on my hands and knees scraping yellow paint off the floors.

I think that's pretty much it.  I plan to have a modge-podge of leftovers for dinner in approximately 15 minutes because I don't have the energy to cook, and I think a seriously bubbly bath is in my immediate future.  Renovating is EXHAUSTING. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lady B

This is why I prefer to receive packages at the office:

This happens to be a cast iron doormat that I ordered specifically so Bella couldn't destroy it.  It's been happily helping me scrape my boots for approximately 24 hours and so far, remains intact.  Cross your fingers that this one lasts longer than the last one.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Days off always make me feel thankful...

So, this weekend I embark on an interesting 3 days.  My delightful husband is on a business trip far far away in VA and will be gone until Sunday night, and I am on my long weekend off of work...and for possibly the first time since I started working, I don't have a weekend getaway planned, which makes me pretty excited.  I think these next few days show the promise of being extremely productive, which, of course, also makes me pretty thankful.  Don't you just love the feeling of a job well done?  I do...

Thing I'm thankful for #1:  The dining room.  It has been a work in progress for a couple of months now, and while it is relatively small, I'm fond of fitting 12 or more people in here to share a meal, and now it's time to make it worthy of such events.  In my mind's eye I see: beadboard wainscoting up to chair-rail height, lovely french country wallpaper on an accent wall, yellow paint and freshly painted white mouldings throughout (and someday, new french doors that open out onto the deck).  Oh it will be so nice to have the downstairs finished!

Thing I'm thankful for #2:  Miter saws.  Well, more specifically, this one I snatched from my mom's garage.  Moulding is not easy to do without one...and I really have to admit, I love me some power tools.  Especially the Henderson Castrating Tool, but that's a different story.

Thing I'm thankful for #3:  A husband that faithfully takes out the trash.  You city folk can't appreciate this as much because all you have to do is put it in a big trashcan out on the street...but Aaron Ray has to put the mountains of trash I generate and put it in the truck and take it 25 minutes away to the county landfill.  Someday I'll get a good picture of ARay taking out the trash and post for your viewing pleasure. :)

Thing I'm thankful for #4:  My Blundsone boots, which I fondly refer to as my Blunnies....They're the best boots I've ever worn...they're more comfy than sneakers, are amazingly waterproof (even though I don't take care of them like I should), are super easy to get on and off AND fit in my overshoe cattle boots like magic.  Get yourself a pair today. :)

Thing I'm thankful for #5:  Extreme weather events.  Wind, snow, sleet, hail, thunderstorms...I love 'em all.  Weather is the thing that a) I discuss with clients when I'm finished asking them about what's going on with their cow/sheep/goat/ferret/cat/dog/bearded dragon/chicken and don't know what else to talk about and b) adds a little break in the week where I can look forward to something that no one can really accurately predict.  It's like Christmas.  AND, I have never lived someplace that is so tied to the weather.  This is what I know when I wake up to a foggy/rainy morning:  we won't get many appointments until later in the day because no one wants to go out in the nasty weather.  If it's snowing, forget it - might as well get surgeries done and go home, NO ONE is driving out in that...except maybe a nail trim.

I did not take this picture.  Megan, the best receptionist in the world, did...and this is what our parking lot looked like on Wednesday.  It was a mess trying to get home and I loved every second of it...
Thing I'm thankful for #6:  My little Bella-girl.  She is simply hilarious.  Last week, Aaron Ray was coming home late, so I fixed my dinner and ate it in the living room....

This is what me eating my dinner looked like from the front porch.  The reason why I took this picture will make sense in approximately 10 seconds...
While I was watching American Pickers on the History Channel (yes, I LOVE that show!), I heard a metallic sound coming from the front porch...and I looked out the window and there was Bella...she had just dropped something metal right outside the window and was looking at me intently.  My immediate thought process is "of course!...only MY dog would eat something metal and perf. her stomach and make me have to go in on emergency to work on my OWN dog."  So I run out to take away whatever she's got and see this:

Now, I do not believe that my dog knows what a fork is or what it's for...but somehow, she found a fork somewhere out in the wilderness behind my house (and not a fork I've ever seen before, mind you) and dropped it outside the window while she watched me eat my dinner.  Coincidence?  Good Lord, I hope so.

Ok, that's all the pictures from the past week I've got...hopefully I'll have some good "after" pictures from whatever I manage to get done this weekend to post.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Golly Miss Molly!

My little friend Carrie, a most wonderful girl that I've known and loved since the 7th grade is getting MARRIED!  Thank you Jesus and a thousand Amens, I'm so glad she's found the one!

I did not take this picture, I think Allison did...but look at how HAPPY they are!  Congrats, Andrew, you've got yourself a LOVELY bride-to-be!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let's start at the very beginning...

So, I'm starting to realize that, sometimes, my life is a bit interesting...and over the past several weeks (since the new year started, actually), I've been sharing some of the more humorous stories with people other than my faithful, ever-listening-and-laughing-at-the-funny-parts, husband, and they asked me to start a blog.  AND, it just so happens that one of my new year's resolutions was to be better at keeping in touch with my beloved friends, and I suppose this *might* count as keeping in touch somewhat, if I'm lucky!  So, without launching into the details, here is the CliffsNotes "my life in pictures" version of what I've been up to lately that will have to serve as an introduction, since I just got an emergency call about a horse caught up in some barbed wire and I'll probably have to leave momentarily.

1.  It's wintertime here.  I am constantly thankful for 4 wheel drive and snow tires.

2.  When it snows, my husband and I keep ourselves busy by being industrious country-folk.  Last saturday, he taught me how to make jelly.  After noticing how much work it actually is, I think he's going to be the jelly-maker of the family from now on.

Look at our cute little labels!  Who knew that I'd be living someplace  with a name!
3.  On slow weekends I also love to cook - This is a straccoto I made when I had the whole family over. Mushrooms, garlic, onions and beef (our own!) in merlot cooked for three and a half hours...SO GOOD!

 4.  I also dearly love our little puppy...well, not so little anymore, but you get the idea.  I thought that when I did some hormone therapy on her a couple of weeks ago (aka. spaying her), she'd get a little more calm and less apt to "rearrange" our yard/porch...I was wrong.

You'll notice that there's no welcome mat.  That's because our innocent-looking Bella demolished it.  Also, that rug and table used to be in a nice little arrangement with the chairs 15 feet away from where she currently stands.  When I came home last night I found one of those chairs in our driveway.  I still have no idea how she accomplishes all this without oppose-able thumbs.

5.  When I'm not cooking with/for my husband, cleaning, or playing with my dog...I'm working.  And more often than not, I have to strip off all my work clothes when I walk in the door - yes, that shirt on the stairs is completely soaked in blood.  But don't worry, the cow the blood came from is doing fantastically well!

And with that, it's time to go sew up a horse!  Sometime soon you'll have to check back and read my ode to my work boots and my newest obsession:  the history channel and its American Pickers.